Breaking News Alert: Bill S 3930

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civil.jpgPeople, the Bush Administration right before our eyes is trying to take our rights away protected by The Bill of Rights! Furthermore, they are trying to protect themselves from future prosecution for the many crimes they are doing now. Please read what this bill would do:
Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved its version of this legislation, HR 6166, yesterday. The Senate is preparing to vote on the bill today without any debate.
If it becomes law, this legislation will:
– Create a secret committee appointed by Bush and Rumsfeld that has the power to declare any person, even a US citizen, to be an enemy, instantly depriving them of their legal rights

– Revoke habeas corpus.

– Allow police to search your home without a search warrant.

– Revoke protection of prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions.

– Give prior amnesty to war criminals.

– Give George W. Bush amnesty for any war crimes he has committed.

– Allow for people to be put on trial in front of a kangaroo court military tribunal – even if they aren’t in any military, and have not engaged in military attacks against the USA.

– Allow the government to convict people of crimes on the basis of secret evidence that the accused never sees.

– Make it legal for the government to use testimony extracted through torture.

– End the legal right to be protected from forced self-incrimination.

– Allow the government to imprison people without telling them what crimes they are being charged with.

– Remove the right of the accused to cross-examine witnesses.

– Allow for the records of trials to be kept secret from the American public.

– Enable trials to begin even before a thorough investigation of the alleged crime has taken place.

– Take away the right to a speedy trial.



Source: NY Liberal Blog

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