Winter Sonata

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winter_1.jpgWelcome back to another blog day free of political news! As you can already see we are going to be talking about Winter Sonata! For anyone who has not heard of this drama yet, have you been living under a rock for the last four years? Do you have a television set? Well, if so let me introduce you to only one part of pop culture in Korea that has taken over by storm.

Those of you that have no idea what you are in store for, let me give you a quick summary of drama series. Drama series are LONG! This is not a video that you can just sit down and watch in 2 hours. Korean dramas are NOT Hollywood films involving tons of violence, sex and things exploding. This is not typical of Korean culture.

snowman.jpgWinter Sonata has 20 episodes about one hour each. So yes, if you watch it non stop it will take you about 20 hours! It took me less than 1 week to watch this one only because I became addicted and could not stop myself from seeing what would happen in the next episode.

Korea dramas are certainly better and have risen in popularity against the famous Chinese TVB dramas. Not to mention the fact that since Korea dramas became so popular they are translated into so many languages. English, French, Italian, Vietnamese (Bản Tình Ca Mùa Đông), Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Tagalog, Malaysian…. just to name a few. This movie will have you hook on Kang Joon Sang (main character) and the rest as they search for the answer “What would you do if your true love came back…?”

So be prepared to cry and laugh cause this movie has it all! It is truly an emotional film!


Winter Sonata is a tragic, but romantic drama that stars Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-Jin and Bae Yong Joon as Kang Joon-Sang. Joon-Sang transfers into a school in Chuncheon to look for his “dead? father. Through his extraordinary talents, he acquires thorough attention in his new school. Among them is a girl named Yu-Jin. Although she despises Joon-Sang’s attitude at first, she realizes that she is truly in love with him. Despite their love, however, it suddenly ends one night as Joon-Sang involves in a terrible automobile accident. Joon-Sang dies and Yu-Jin falls into months of dark heartbrokenness. Ten years later, she is dating a man named Kim Sang-Hyuk and is about to get married. However on the engagement day, she sees a man that looks just like Joon-Sang. She runs after him but loses him. Could this be Joon-Sang?

So follow Kang Joon Sang and Jung Yu Jin from their early days in school to early adulthood as love continues to follow each of them.

For all those who have watched it…what were some of your favorite scenes? I have to say that I really like San Hyuk! His true undying love for Yu Jin was something everyman should do for his girl! Do you guys remember when he was in the hospital and he try to commit suicide. That was such an emotional scene. Lets take a walk down memory lane and listen to one of the MV for Winter Sonata!

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