Tuesday’s Music: Sheila Majid

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wall001_800.jpgSince Sheila Majid made her debut in 1985, she has been the epitome of Malaysian jazz and R&B. Her music has reached across boarders as her sweet sounding melodies calms the soul. Even if you do not understand a word of Malaysian, her turns will certainly put you at ease.

For nearly 20 years, Sheila has proven her uncanny ability to persevere through difficult and hard times. And through perseverance and hard work has Sheila remained one of the longest standing divas in the Malaysian music industry. Today, Sheila continues to shine brilliantly with her passion for creating music that touches the hearts of many, besides being a devoted mother to her two children and a budding businesswoman.

Her albums include:
1 Dimensi Baru (New Dimension) 1985

2 Emosi (Emotion) 1986

3 Warna (Colors) 1988

4 Legenda 1990

5 Ratu (Queen) 1996

6 Ku Mohon (I pray) 1999

7 Cinta Kita (Our Love) 2004

8 Legenda XV XX 2006
Request for songs can be made on my blog if you like this type of music.
Additional links:
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