Tuesday’s Music: Mustafa Sandal

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mustafa.jpgAs with every Tuesday, I like to introduce to my readers new music from around the globe. Today, I am going to introduce to you Mustafa Sandal from Turkey. Turkish music specifically is very interesting. The contemporary pop music in Turkey is often mixed with traditional instrumentation and traditions that go hand in hand! Turkish music has pushed its way into Europe as singers like Mustafa bring hits to Europe.

Born in 1970 in Istanbul, Mustafa Sandal was educated in Switzerland and the United States before returning back to his motherland to pursue a music career. I would consider him one of the oldies and favorites in the Turkish music industry. Ask anyone from Turkey and they are sure to know Mustafa Sandal. His albums include:

Suc Bende (The Crime is Mine) 1994

Golgede Ayni (The Same at the Shadow) 1996

Detay (Detail) 1998

Akisina Birak (Leave it to you love) 2000

Kop (Be Crazy) 2002

One of my first and favorite songs that the French copies from Mustafa was called Araba (Car). I only knew the French version years ago which was called “La main dans la main” (Hand in Hand). Totally different names. In any case, I can remember listening to Araba like 8 years ago and it brings back a lot of memories hearing this song again. So here is Mustafa singing one of his international hit songs Araba (original version). Enjoy this video in context of Turkish culture (i.e. dance style etc….)


Araba Video

Mustafa Sandal singing in English “All my life”


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