Empress Myeongseong aka Queen Min of Korea

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On my recent trip to Seoul one can honestly feel a sense of pride and hatred even if one is not Korean in terms of the Japanese occupation and brutal killings of Koreans and how the Koreans never lost hope of gaining back their country.  Learning about Korean history in the short time I was there has made me hungry for me.  Today’s post is dedicated to Empress Myeongseong who was brutally killed by the Japanese with the help of some Korean officials.  Why you ask?  Because she advocated stronger ties between Korea and Russia in an attempt to block Japan’s influence in Korea.  What a true patriot!

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At about 5:30 of October 8, 1895, a group of Japanese military and people in Japanese attires began Operation Fox Hunt, the objective of which was to eliminate the Korean Queen who stood in the way of the Japanese annexation of Korea.   The assassins infiltrated the Gyeongbok Palace with little difficulty because the Palace was under Japanese protection.  They killed Hong Geh-bong (홍계훈 洪啓薰), the commander of a guard unit, and his men, who blocked the entrance to the palace

King Kojong bitterly protested the Japanese intrusion into his private quarters but he was pushed down by the Japanese. The King’s clothes were torn. The Prince came to his father’s rescue but the young man was thrown on the floor by his hair knot and was beaten with a sword.

Another group of the assassins rushed to the queen’s sleeping area.  The palace minister Lee Gyung-sik (李景稙) tried to stop them but he was shot dead and then mutilated her body right in front of King Kojong. The Queen was molested and burned right on the palace ground. The assassins wrapped the dead queen’s body in a blanket and burned it in a nearby bush. This much is on the history books.  Newly discovered documents show that the queen was sexually molested before her body was cremated.

At 9:30 am, Maj. Niiro sent a secret cable to the Japanese Army Chief of Staff:  the top secret cable read – “Queen dead and King safe.”  The cable signaled the successful execution of Operation Fox Hunt. This shows that the order to kill the Queen came from the top.


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