Lead member of 2PM Jaebeom leaves the group

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Wow, come back from a weekend and one of the most popular groups in Korea loses one of it’s member.  Is this the end for 2PM?  what a shocker…makes me want to listen to ‘Again JB2and Again”.  So what happen??  This article from the Korean Times says it all!  Ohh did you hear there is a petition going around for Jaebeom to commit suicide because of what he wrote when he was 18.  I mean honestly even though he is Korean, he was born in the US and raised here…and then having to go to Korea …well there is a big cultural difference.  Anyways, what are your thoughts?  Comment here

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

2PM leader Jae-beom is quitting the popular boy band and leaving Korea, days after he was embroiled in a controversy regarding negative comments about Korea he made four years ago.

Jae-beom made the announcement by posting a message to his fans on the official 2PM fan Web site, Tuesday.

“I’m sorry to give you this last greeting through this letter. I think it will be hard for me to go on stage and see you because of my remorseful heart. I’m very sorry to everyone, and even sorrier to fans who have given me their love. Starting today, I will be leaving 2PM,” he said.

The Korean-American singer also apologized to his fellow 2PM members for leaving the group this way. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be a strong leader and older brother, and for having to leave like this. … Once again, I’m sorry.”

A representative from 2PM’s management agency JYP Entertainment confirmed that Jae-beom had left the boy band. Jae-beom will be going back to the United States, but there is no word on his future plans. JB1

The group was supposed to release a full-length album this October, but plans have been put on hold. “As for 2PM, there are no plans of getting a replacement for Jae-beom. 2PM will stop all its activities as of now,”’ the JYP Entertainment representative said.

Jae-beom was the center of netizens’ outrage over comments about Korea that he made to a friend on the social networking site MySpace around 2005-2007. Jae-beom, who was then a trainee at JYP Entertainment, wrote: “Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back.”’

When the comments belatedly surfaced last week, Korean fans quickly lashed out at the young singer, saying they were disappointed in his comments and felt betrayed. Jae-beom had already issued an apology over the weekend, saying he first came to Korea as a high school freshman and did not know much about the country or the language.

“The comments that I made were emotional expressions of discontent over my situation at that time … I sincerely apologize,”’ he said, Saturday.

After Jae-beom’s announcement, fans expressed their opinions on 2PM fan Web sites, Korean entertainment news blogs and networking sites like Twitter. Fans’ reactions ranged from being “sad and heartbroken” about Jae-beom’s departure, to anger directed at JYP Entertainment head Park Jin-young.

The final episode of 2PM’s show “Wild Bunny”’ was supposed to air on Mnet channel, Tuesday. Due to the controversy, Mnet has decided to indefinitely postpone its airing.

Jae-beom debuted with the seven-member group 2PM in 2008. Since then, 2PM has become one of the hottest groups in the country.

Update 9.16.09:  JYP’s letter to fans read it here

Update 10.30.09 KBS interviews Jay

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Lead member of 2PM Jaebeom leaves the group, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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