Young artist: JReyez

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There is surely no shortage of young talent across the globe.  However, there is a shortage of people who have yet to hear of these talented artist.  So, I want to do my part and let my readers know of a young talented Korean artist who made me late for work this morning because I couldn’t stop watching his videos.  I logged into my youtube account and a video popped up that said “featured”.  Now normally, I don’t pay any attention to those videos but this one caught my eye.  The artist is known as JReyez has mad skills in a number of areas.  His youtube account says  “the J stands for the initial of his first name (Justin) and the Reyez (Rise, Eyez with an R) stands for his fast elevation since stepping in to the music game. Born in Seoul, South Korea, this young lyricist displays a disciplined work ethic rarely seen at his age with a quite confidence of an industry veteran.” Check out his skills below.


  • Writing Lyrics and Recording
  • Performing Live
  • Producing Beats
  • Engineering/Mixing and Mastering Songs
  • Directing and Editing Videos
  • Graphic Design

Check out some of his awesome videos below and make sure to subscribe to his youtube channel. He did an awesome job redoing Wedding Dress by Taeyang.  So with that, I put this in Crazy-Good category!  Share your love for JReyez and write a comment for him.

Today’s Talk proudly supporting young artist!  Do you want to book him?  Contact his agent here…e-mail him!

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