Jesse Barrera: Love in Technicolor

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OK everyone, I got another young and very talented artist to introduce my readers too.  His name is Jesse Barrera.  Have you heard of him, well probably not.  But now you can say you have heard of him.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m on the lookout for young artist wheather it be in music, digital editing or a talented comdian, Today’s Talk is looking to spread the word to all of my international reader.  So back to Jesse Barrera, I found him well reading a blog and I thought “ohhh my God, I can’t believe his voice”.  His songs are totally my style.

So more about Jesse Barrera.  He is 22 from from San Diego, CA and his first CD will be out next week!  It will be available on iTunes and for digital downloads and available on his online store as a physical copy.  Does anyone actually buy physical copies of CDs anymore!?

There will be 3 different options for everyone to purchase his CD if you want to do it outside of and iTunes.

  1. Signed poster / CD ($13)
  2. Signed poster / (L.I.T) bracelet / CD ($18)
  3. (Deluxe package) Signed poster / (L.I.T) bracelet / T-shirt / CD

The deluxe package will be available for only $25 shipping.  So go here and pre-order your CD today or wait and get it online!

Now, here is a taste of Jesse!  Good luck Jesse with your album! See more of Jesse here and here.

Today’s Talk proudly supporting young artist!  Show your love and leave a comment for him.

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