Philadelphia teen “flash mob”

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As a resident of Philadelphia, it is a shame that people here resort to this kind of criminal behavior.  Who is to blame?  Themselves and their parents.  There are far worst places on this planet where people can’t even get 3 meals a day.  But yet they don’t resort to this kind of behavior.  They think it’s fun so now it’s time to pay the price.  I say put them all in jail.  Parents need to also be better parents and raise their kids with morals and what constitutes good vs. bad behavior.

The leader of a Philadelphia teen “flash mob” that assaulted people at random and provoked the mayor to lecture black youths of personal responsibility has been sentenced to confinement in a juvenile detention facility.

A judge berated the 17-year-old and two other youths Thursday for beating four people and robbing them. The teens admitted their involvement in the July 29 rampage.

“Your actions, behavior, and attitude are appalling and disgusting for civilized society,” Family Court Judge Kevin Dougherty told the teens. “Philadelphia will not be a laughingstock because [of] a few individuals who decide to hunt human beings and laugh about it.”

Destructive flash mobs, in which youths often congregate by texting each other or using other social media, have become a problem for many communities. Philadelphia has witnessed about 10 such incidents in the past two years, with some assaults occurring in broad daylight.

The July 29 attack prompted Democratic Mayor Michael A. Nutter, who is black, to deliver a church sermon in which he told black teens that “you have damaged your own race.” He imposed stricter curfew hours on weekends, beefed-up police patrols and expanded hours at city-operated recreation centers.

Where is Rev. Jesse Jackson when you need him to talk to the black teenagers who are causing so much trouble in the city of brotherly love?


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