Korean Top Hits (September 2011)

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Here we go again with the latest and greatest of Kpop hits for the month of September.   If you like it, please remember to facebook like and comment!  All songs are downloadable.  Enjoy.  


1.I’m Your Man- 2PM
2.Busan Girl- Rain
3.So Cool- Sistar
4.Mr. Simple- Super Junior
5.Crazy Day- Blady
6.You Are So Beautiful- Xiah Junsu
7.Syndrome- Chocolat
8.Kiss Kiss- Kim Hyun Joong
9.Pray- Sunny Hill
10.Roly Poly In Copacabana- T-Ara
11.Jjaegakjjaegak (째각째각)- Shin Hye Sung
12.Something Special- Park Hye Kyung
13.Because I Love You- Kiroy Y
14.Shake It Up- Seo In Kook
15.I Want To See Him Again- NS Yoon Ji
16.Ugly- 2NE1
17.Without U- Twilight
18.I Love You Too- Baek Ji Young
19.Grand Final- Leessang
20.Let Us Just Love- Apink
21.Free Style- 4Minute
22.Vision Of Love- 4Men
23.Without You- BoM
24.No More Perfume On You- TEEN TOP
25.I Feel Like I’m Going to Die- Hwanhee
26.Good Love- Kan Mi-Youn
27.At The Slightest Provocation- Brave Girls
28.You & I- MBLAQ
29.I Love You I Love You- Rumble Fish

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Korean Top Hits (September 2011), 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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