Running Man Song (Hip Hop Special)

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The song they have been playing in various Running Man episodes.  I love this song to death.  Facebook and comment if you do too.


English Translation:  Credit Pop!Gasa

For a guy like me, the answer is you
Even if I tell you simply- even if I don’t make sense
For a guy like me, the answer is you
Even if I can’t explain, this is how I feel- should I die?

This is how I feel- should I die?
This is how I feel- should I die?

When you said you wanted to break up,
I got mad and yelled and drunkenly hit the wall
I bump shoulders with a passerby and
I swear at him and ask him what he’s looking at
I hated everything about the world and you get disappointed by my actions
But this is serious- cut all the bullcrap and if I don’t have you, I’ll go crazy, what do I do?
How must I feel to act like this? You’re crying too because you still love me
I’m on my knees because I’m sorry- That’s why I hold onto you
I won’t give any pathetic excuses or elaborate promises
Please don’t turn around

* repeat

I say “Why can’t you trust me?” as it touched a nerve inside me
We dated for a year and I hated myself for doing so many bad things during that time
At the end of these fights, I always lose love
I used to say guys must know how to cheat, guys must never cling onto women
I used to say that but now you left and I’m all alone and my heart burns
And now what I’ll say is that for me, you are the answer
Now I finally realize how precious you are
If you leave, I lose everything, I forget everything
Please trust me just one more time please

Oh my love that endured through me
I’m an unworthy guy who only gave you tears till now
But still, I always, only think of you

Only if you’re next to me, I gain strength
You know this so pelase come back
Only if you’re next to me, it’s perfect
You know this so please come back

Even couples in their eighties fight and argue all the time
But they still love each other and live well to this day
You are that kind of person to me
I always gave excuses, flared my temper, was stubborn and unworthy
But to me, you are a dream and you are love
There’s no answer to love but to me, you’re the answer
That’s how I really feel

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Running Man Song (Hip Hop Special), 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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