Uudam – Mother in my dream – 梦中的额吉

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I discovered this video while actually watching Vietnam’s Got Talent.  I think it was Uudam’s video was a related video.  Anyways this video was so emotional.  Yes, I cried…I think so did everyone else.  There are only viet subtitles but the english text below basically explains everything.






Video 1



 Video 2 (Music Video)



Wudamu comes from Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia (Autonomous Region in northern China).

He belongs to the “Hulunbuir Children’s Choir”. After the death of his parents (they both died in road accidents; mother, when he was eight, his father two years later) artistic and family care took over him the choir directors, Buren Bayaer and his wife Wurina. During the above-mentioned TV program Uudam performed in Mongolian language, among others a song: “Mother in the Dream”. Presentation of Uudam was very warmly welcomed by the audience and judges.

During this program Uudam also sang together with his adoptive parents; Wurina and the famous singer in that region, Buren[3]. He also appeared in the video-clip episodes of Buren Bayaer “Take Me To The Prairie” (just as an extra).

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Rating: 7.7/10 (7 votes cast)
Uudam - Mother in my dream - 梦中的额吉 , 7.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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